Would you shout your mate for Carlton?

Carlton Dry is not the first beverage company using  social media like Facebook to market its products and communicate with its customers. Today, companies like Heineken or Starbucks have extremely succeeded in building its Facebook page and uploaded its new TV ads, marketing campaigns, new product concepts on its page on a regular basis and generated great attention from its fans.

However, looking back at the early days in 2008, the success of  The Carlton Dry Fusion Lemon Facebook campaign was such a brilliant idea utilizing the powerful function as a message spreading tool Facebook.

The Carlton Dry Fusion Lemon was released onto the local market in 2008, within the first few weeks of trade, the drink made it position as one of the most popular boutique beers that summer in Australia.

It is not only just because of the great taste that helped but it is the innovative Facebook marketing campaign that contributed to the success of Carlton Dry Fusion Lemon. hat dreaded beer belly away while lazing on the beach this summer. The dry taste with the twist of freshly squeezed lime and salt actually might have made it a little hard for consumers to get so Carlton’s problem was how to get consumers, the real beer drinkers to taste the new products. Facebook really offered the company to open up at approach the market in a creative way.

I think Carlton Facebook marketing campaign’s success was due to its compliance to the key rules of permission marketing:

  • It chose the right social media channel that suits the brand’s target market, who are willing to join the “Like” community themselves.
  • The campaign was carefully planned by professionals who learn, know and understand thoroughly its target market and especially their Facebook usage behaviour.
  • The campaign was carefully set out boundaries in term of customers’ criteria and geography. A special system was built to ensure only customers above 18 were able to access the content of the page
  • The message was conveyed clear and appealing and irresistible: FREE BEER on Facebook banner to reach the largest market. The benefit was so irresistible and simple to get that people found themselves sharing and passing on the message to their friends
  • Implementing an easy to understand redeem policy, Facebook users just need to print off the vouchers and redeem them for a free beer at BWR retailers. The campaign has succeeded in getting the customers to the products with a low budget, encouraged them to spread the words and free drinks to their friends and become the brand’s advocate.

In a recent Nielsen research, Australians have emerged as the 2nd highest social media users with the average spending of 6 hours and 25 minutes per person on social media in February 2010, and has been ranked the second highest consumers of social media across ten countries. While Italians led the race, Australia came up second over the United States, the United Kingdom and even technology-obsessed Japan. It is also to no surprise that Facebook has emerged as the most popular social networking site.

Marketers should take advantage of this trend to designing their marketing strategy to reach their target audience digitally.  We should be aware of not only the advantages and benefits associated with utilising social media in targeting and reaching specific audience segments but also the negative effects that social media could bring. If a good comment in one Facebook wall can spread to another 10 pages, a negative feedback can also do the same with even a higher speed. I think the difficulty also lies in tying and integrating social media to existing marketing strategies to ensure that the company’s strategy and message, the brand image and product promise always consistent.



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