The Social Memories – More than just a book!

It is so long ago when last year high-school students passing around a memory book with every friend’s handwriting about their fun and unforgettable memories of the night prom, sticking in a bunch of pictures at summer camp. Nowadays, the habit of writing mails, sending post cards seems to have gone.

What are people doing instead to keep in touch with each other?  You know the answer better than anyone else, don’t you? They chat on facebook, tag their friends back home in Australia in their photos in Paris to let them know how much fun they are having? Everyone is living a social media life, in which Facebook has become the largest planet with 500 million users (Facebook fact, 2011). So how are you going to memorize all these social activities?

There has been an answer for you! Deutsche Post DHL, Germany has just launched a beautiful facebook app “Social Memories” that generates and visualizes information and data out of your Facebook account (Advertblog, 2011). This could be the app for you, check this out:

Isn’t it wonderful when convergence of the real and digital worlds flip right around the other way?

Enter the “Social Memories” Facebook Book App, it takes you to a simple process to automatically generate a 28 page premium book directly from your Facebook updates, friends, your surrounding social interaction and activies. The Facebook Book App also manages to create all sorts of little infographics on the fly, for example it graphs your status updates versus social response, your most active friends and even your daily habit, when you are most active , what you do the most even without your awareness!

It’s not entirely new, Facebook Book App was already launched with the exact concept last year (Digitalbuzz, 2010) but this newer “Social Memories” app looks a lot better, with more statistical and meaningful data.

I think if this application is developed in a more customised and business focus with more strategic and efficiency functions,  it can be a beautiful marketing report for companies. This app can be used as a useful and poweful tool to measure the effect of a particular marketing campaign, social media campaigns, a new product launch by setting a time frame for their social memories book. Based on the book, companies can gather their target customers’ information, demographic, activities and reactions before and after the campaigns. I think this is just an awesome app for marketers if they know how to make the most of it!
For Facebook addicts, at $19 per book, this can be a cool and creative gift idea!

I really enjoyed creating my book and discovering some little fun facts about me and my friends. Why don’t you give it a try at and let me know what you think?


2 responses to “The Social Memories – More than just a book!

  1. I really like this idea because it can help Face earn a lot of money from companies which have Facebook channel. It seems a win-win business
    However, regard to personal aspect, I prefer a manual diary to an electric one because I like the feeling when seeing hand writing of someone 🙂

  2. Wow, this is incredible. I really like the idea of it even though I would not necessarily use it. It is a very creative story. You could envisage so many other possibilities I guess which involve other social network sites as well.

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