The Social Memories – More than just a book!

It is so long ago when last year high-school students passing around a memory book with every friend’s handwriting about their fun and unforgettable memories of the night prom, sticking in a bunch of pictures at summer camp. Nowadays, the habit of writing mails, sending post cards seems to have gone.

What are people doing instead to keep in touch with each other?  You know the answer better than anyone else, don’t you? They chat on facebook, tag their friends back home in Australia in their photos in Paris to let them know how much fun they are having? Everyone is living a social media life, in which Facebook has become the largest planet with 500 million users (Facebook fact, 2011). So how are you going to memorize all these social activities?

There has been an answer for you! Deutsche Post DHL, Germany has just launched a beautiful facebook app “Social Memories” that generates and visualizes information and data out of your Facebook account (Advertblog, 2011). This could be the app for you, check this out:

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Sentiment Analysis – the Future of Ad Optimization?

Following the phenomenal development of social media, every company and marketers are embracing online social networks and channels as part of their marketing strategy. Almost every company is having a Twitter account, building its own Facebook page and online based fan community… That starts to raise a question “Where is the differentiation between companies” and “Can you actually measure and compare the success of two companies based on the number of the fans?”

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Facebook Deals – Will it beat Groupon and Living Social?

 Just like the tablet or mobile wars, the race for the best “daily deals site” is really starting to get vigorious. April 25thas ended the rumors about Facebook’s own daily deals site a long time ago when news was broken out that Facebook Deals is finally launched. This is the most powerful social media platform’s latest strategic move to diversify its revenue stream beyond advertising and become a name in the rapidly growing online bargain space. The site only started offering bargains to the US cities of Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco at launch but the question keeps going bigger and bigger: Will it be able to beat the current dominant player Groupon? (Kirkpatrick, 2011)

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Would you shout your mate for Carlton?

Carlton Dry is not the first beverage company using  social media like Facebook to market its products and communicate with its customers. Today, companies like Heineken or Starbucks have extremely succeeded in building its Facebook page and uploaded its new TV ads, marketing campaigns, new product concepts on its page on a regular basis and generated great attention from its fans.

However, looking back at the early days in 2008, the success of  The Carlton Dry Fusion Lemon Facebook campaign was such a brilliant idea utilizing the powerful function as a message spreading tool Facebook.

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The future of Event Planning and Social Media

It is amazing how social media has changed the way we live, how we do business and how companies plan their marketing strategies to approach customers in the past few years. While I found Foursquare quite a new and interesting concept, an untapped resource that could be a big trend in the future, I couldn’t agree more with the potential benefits and amazing effects that Social media channels like LinkedIn, My Space, Facebook or Twitter can bring if marketers, especially event planners, PR people know how to exploit the resources to the fullest. Continue reading